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The Worlds Fastest Growing Crime

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A web site dedicated to the prevention of Identity Theft by empowering individuals through knowledge and education. It was created to be a resource for individuals and companies who want to educate themselves about Identity Theft and what to do if you become a victim... 

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Identity Theft has reached epidemic proportions; it is the fastest growing crime ever. According to the Federal Trade Commissions there were over 10 million cases of identity theft in the year 2003, over 29,000 identity thefts a day.

We all know someone that has been a victim of identity theft or know someone that that knows someone. A recent survey by Privacy & American Business, stated that one in six adults have had their identities used by someone else since 1990..

New identity theft scams surface online

Colorado consumers are warned of new identity theft e-mail scams in a statement released Wednesday by Colorado Attorney General John Suthers warned as part of National Consumer Protection Week.

The scams are unsolicited messages from a bank or security company and claim to be attempting to reduce fraud by checking for unauthorized access to accounts. Recipients are asked to verify information such as social security or personal identification numbers.

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Identity theft jumps 15% in Chicago area

Chicago area residents might want to invest in paper shredders or at least be vigilant about tearing up unwanted mail and credit card receipts before tossing them in the trash.

Attorney general seeks budget boost to battle ID theft, online fraud

Hoping to boost efforts against identity theft and online fraud, newly elected Attorney General Rob McKenna yesterday called on legislators to increase his office's Consumer Protection Division budget by $3.5 million.

Agencies to focus on fraud, ID theft

NEW YORK - With so many Americans falling victim to identity theft and fraud, this year's National Consumer Protection Week is focusing on how consumers can better safeguard their personal information.

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